Kitchens: New or Remodel

If your kitchen is wanting to get out of the 1950’s contact us we love making old things new.

The “Kitchen”, if not the most important room in your home; is the very close. A beautiful kitchen sells a home, sets a home apart from every other home around. Why is this? I believe it is this; the most practical room in the home that spending more money actually makes sense. Efficient and practical appliances, high quality faucets and sinks, granite or quartz counters, custom cabinets with a soft close system, and the list goes on and on. Choosing these higher quality options in the beginning will allow the central hub of your home, “The Kitchen” ,to last. Keeping down the need to fix or repair something in 5 years or less. My first home had builder grade everything and at the 5 year mark it was all coming apart. The cabinets doors, drawers, faucets, interior doors, toilets, carpet, shingles, siding, etc. Most of it I was able to fix but give it another 2 to 5 years and replacement would be inevitable. Elliss Construction does not build or us builder grade materials, if it can be helped, we build homes to last, treating our customers how we would want to be treated.

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